We provide online seminare for our two main subjects Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.

While our Business Administration trainings aim to optimize your already established company, we concentrate on the founding and building up a new business as part of our Entrepreneurship seminars.

Our Entrepreneurship seminars are especially interesting for you if one or more of the following attributes are true:

  • You are already participant of our workshops or company in-house trainings and would like to deepen your knowledge and understanding between the presence phases.

  • You would like to take part in one of our workshops or in-house trainings and get a taste of content and used methods.

  • You have decided to start your company and you are looking for not only information and experts in this field but you would also like to share ideas with like-minded people – even over long distances.

  • You have developed an innovative business idea and want to find out, out of that, if an economically viable and sustainable business model can be developed.

  • You want to develop a business plan for your business idea in a very simple way and would like to get in contact with interested investors.

  • You have already founded your company and are now planning to expand it - and for that purposefully to improve your knowledge.

  • You have already established several companies and are a professional in this field. In order to pass on your knowledge and understanding to other founders, you are looking for training materials that you can use for this intention.

  • You are one of our few competitors and just want to see what we are doing ….

Our seminars are modular always according to the same system. Before you start, we will ask you one or more questions introducing the subject. In the textbook this is then explained in detail and underlined by case examples. Comprehension questions complete the topic and in the so-called Lessons Learned, the most important results are summarized. You can use test questions to check your own learning progress. In order to implement your business idea there is a wide range of worksheets and checklists available. The most important new terms of the ongoing seminar you can always look up in a glossary. To further deepen them, you will find a large number of articles and contributions, video presentations, as well as further bibliographies and internet links.

All seminars can be completed in an average of 45 to 60 minutes - entirely independent of each other. They differ only in the level of detail of the subject and in the development phase of your planned business.

The following levels and development phases can be distinguished:

Level Development Phase Description
0 Your Business Idea

You are still in the phase of the development of your business idea and you want to check to what extent this is marketable and economically viable and sustainable. You are also making initial contacts to potential investors. As the main instrument you are using the Seven Key Questions and the Position Statement.

I Your Business Model

You have selected your business idea - possibly from several - and are now working on a business model that you want to present to potential investors. As the main tool you are using the Business Model Canvas.

II Your Business Plan

Your business model has convinced potential investors and already the first customers. Now you are working out a business plan that will help you document your targets and the way you want to reach them. As the main instrument you are using the Business Plan.

III Your Business Process

Congratulations! You have founded your company and strongly funded it. As your business continues to grow and thrive, you should update your business plan, that is, to adapt it to reality and to optimize the new business processes. You are now in the transition phase from Entrepreneurship to Business Administration, with partly completely different challenges. As the main tool you are still using the Business Plan and the Organization Guide.

While level 0 seminars deal with the development and verification of business ideas and introduce into a particular subject, the degree of detail increases with each further level. At the level of the business processes (III), if you wish, you will be able to deal with complex business-related issues. It is your decision how deeply you want to enter into the modular seminar topics.

For the detailed deepening of a topic - also in exchange and cooperation with other seminar participants - you have access to:

Articles and contributions: Our Steinbeis professionals and other experts of our network have publíshed a large number of high-quality contributions to which we would like to give you access.

Video presentations: Not only high-quality reading material, but also interesting, partly humorous film contributions and video presentations give you a different view of a specific topic.

Bibliography: Of course, we cannot provide you with all interesting articles and contributions or even textbooks and technical literature. However, you will receive appropriate suggestions from our extensive bibliographies.
Internet links: As far as complementary and, in our opinion, interesting text, picture and video material is accessible via the Internet, we have linked the respective topics. Although we made this selection with the utmost care, the responsibility for any changes and additions to these materials is the responsibility of the respective owner of the website.
Glossary: In our glossary you can look up all the new terms of our seminar modules.
Online forum: Through our online forum, you can get in contact with other participants, share your business ideas, finish tasks together and much more.
Company value: The deeper you enter into the world of company founding and development, and the more insights you put into your everyday business practice, the more your company's value increases. Based on practical key performance indicators and valuation methods, we give you a possible range of your current company value.
Have fun with the development and implementation! Much success in starting and growing your business!
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